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Pallet & Paint Projects

I’ve had this gorgeous bouquet of pallet wood sitting in my studio for months now, with little to no desire to play with it. Occasionally I walk in to find more piled up in my entranceway.  because my husband loves me, what can I say?  Is raw project material a possible 6th love language? I […]


The Studio Makeover

I know, I know.  It’s been almost 3 million years since I first teased you with pictures of dirt and concrete and paint.  Okay, maybe just 4 months.  But it feels like forever since we dug up the dirt around the building to install drainage tile and get the studio makeover rolling, and I’m sure you’ve been waiting […]


Introducing the We ROAR Project

  Oh, sweet friends…I’m just so giddy about this.  THIS! Giddy that this little dream was sparked in my heart on Tuesday – as in, two days ago – in a moment of awkward vulnerability (this seems to be a trend for me), and in the fastest, most glorious gestation period ever…it was born this […]


Sweet Spring Free Printable

Hello, hello! Today is the first official day of Spring, and I am just giddy at the sight of grass and mud and sunshine right now! My wee ones and I have taken several walks through the woods and around the lake and have come home utterly filthy, sometimes shoe-less (due to getting stuck ankle-deep […]


Even Still… [When You Can’t See God’s Hand] & Printable

I was reading in my Jesus Calling this morning about waiting, trusting and hoping, and how the three are intricately connected to each other. How they act as a strong chain, woven around the central cord of trust, connecting our hearts to God’s. And it reminded me how hard it is to rest in Him […]


Master Bathroom Makeover

You guys.  You. GUYS! My loo is LOVELY!  Absolutely stinking gorgeous. Here’s what it looked like before… It was cold, boring and dated. (Although my paint-stick mirror above the toilet is pretty fun!) We ripped up the ugly, old linoleum, pulled out the hideous green countertop (complete with oak trim and green backsplash), and took […]


Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

This is, by far, the bloggiest thing I’ve posted in a long time.  A l-o-n-g time. I’m not sure whether to apologize, or to nod in silent acceptance of your gratitude. I am, of course, way behind on making these little tags – and hence, sharing this project – but there’s always Pinterest.  Simply pin […]


Valentine’s Week Book Special

 For this week only, you can grab a copy of my book XES: Why Church Girls Tend To Get It Backwards …And How To Get It Right on Kindle for just $2.99 That’s less than the cost of a latte. Or a sparkly Valentine’s day card, for that matter, and I promise you it’ll impact […]


The Other Conversation Christians Should Be Having About Fifty Shades

I talk about sex a lot. In public, none the less. And I love it. As the demand for this particular talk has grown, and as I’ve bravely shared my own messy story, the regularity with which I get asked awkward questions has grown too.  I love that part too. It has afforded me the […]


Tees That Touch Lives

Ever since designing shirts for Union28 several years ago, I’ve wanted to create more.  I love the idea of fashion with a mission. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.  But the burden of having to order the correct sizes in colors that actually sell, not to mention the upfront cost of purchasing stock – enough […]


Good News For The Weary Woman

It happens every time I tell the story. I’m right there.  In the muck, in the shame.  In the hopelessness. I can feel the grip of self-loathing tighten around my throat.  My heartbeat quickens as the fear of exposure whispers; You are such a mess. You are worthless.  You’re finished. It’s just for a second.  […]


Why We Don’t Homeschool Our Children

Homeschool, private or public? After breast or bottle, home or work, to vaccinate or not…this is the big, looming question. For some it’s a no-brainer.  For others it’s an incredibly hard, perplexing decision to make, and a lonely road to navigate. Please know, right off the bat, what this post is not attempting to communicate. […]

BIB meme 2

Ever Wanted to Write a Book?

If you’ve ever considered writing a book, you’re far less alone than you may feel. According to a nationwide survey taken a few years ago, 82% of Americans expressed an interest in writing a book. Despite the astonishing number of books hitting the market every day, so few of those ‘unborn books’ actually emerge from that […]


I Heart South Africa {Free Printable}

I love South Africa.  With my whole, occasionally-homesick heart. I also adore Namibia, because while most of my family still live in SA (and that’s where I was born), Namibia is the home we knew growing up.  Where life in all its raw glory happened.  I also wildly heart the United States.  Mostly Michigan (because […]


Redeemed : A Story of Broken Made Beautiful

I had become an expert secret keeper.  I’d been swept up so fast, and so young, in a whirlwind of self-destructive behavior that the only way to keep breathing was to keep pretending everything was alright. And so I built walls of deception and lies in a desperate effort to keep the world from seeing […]


I Simply Cannot Live Without… {My Favorite Things}

Forget whiskers on kittens and bright copper kettles! Give me a hot cup of tea and some chia seed pudding any day of the week and you’ll have my heart! (I do love a good brown paper package tied up with string, though. Especially if it contains a can of coconut milk or a pair of Warner’s anti-muffin-top […]


Set of 4 Coffee Inspired Printables

I find that there are people you meet in life who make you want to drink. And then there are those you come across who make you want to drink coffee. Or tea.  Or hot chocolate. Really any warm beverage you can sip slowly – together – will do, if it gives you a few […]


Fall Chalkboard Printable

I simply love this time of year!  With all the burlap accents, pumpkin scents & flavors, cute boots and scarves,…it’s like an annual reminder of why God gave us eyes and noses.  And necks to wrap things around. And the ability to pin hundreds of thousands of Fall inspirations without actually moving more than a […]


XES Audiobook Now Available

Curious to know why on earth I wrote a book about sex and marriage and church, but not really much of a reader?  No problemmo, my friend, because now you can LISTEN to it!  <—-{insert wild applause here} Yes, that’s right… My brave little book, XES : Why Church Girls Tend To Get It Backwards…And […]


The Language of Empowerment {A Shameless Plug for our Favorite Parenting Series}

We’ve read lots of excellent parenting books over the years, but nothing has shifted our paradigms quite like Danny Silk’s Loving Our Kids On Purpose.  It rocked our parenting world.  It’s like Shepherding A Child’s Heart meets Parenting with Love and Logic, edited by Erma Bombeck.  It’s brilliant and simple and biblical and fun.  And […]


When Your Wings Are Weighed Down {plus Free Printable}

I have never been particularly business savvy. Partly because I just haven’t a clue what I’m doing. Most mostly because, if I’m honest, I’ve established really blurry boundary lines.  If boundaries at all. I have always struggled to find balance between my firm belief in the importance of generously sharing your unique talents and giftings […]


You Are Enough {Free Printable}

Not many words today.  Just a quick reminder that… YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. That nothing you do or say…or don’t do or don’t say…effects your worth. It’s a call to stop claiming your successes as luck, and your failures as confirmation of identity. A reminder that your inability to check every single thing off your daily […]


Lessons from Under the Bridge {plus a Hand-Doodled Printable}

I’ve been processing a lot over the summer – a lot of good, deep, heart stuff – and it’s been an incredibly liberating journey to say the least. Not always easy, but always good. As God has slowly been chipping away at the unsightly parts of my heart, dealing with misplaced priorities and my maternally-inspired […]


The Little Yellow Dresser Redo

I picked up this little dresser a few months ago when I was dropping things off at Salvation Army.  I unloaded my bags and boxes, got back in my car and started to drive away, but as I headed past the delivery truck unloading things just ahead of me…this little delight popped into sight. It […]


It’s That Time Again…And I Barely Pulled It Off.

Yelp!  How is it September already…and how did my babies suddenly turn into these fully grown miniature human beings with larger than life personalities with massive feet? This summer…if it can even be called that (for I can barely count the number of hot days on one hand) flew by like greased lightening.  The leaves […]


The Camper Life For Us {Free Printable}

This summer has been a delicious whirlwind of family and friends, sunshine, travelling and fun.  With very little else thrown in.  Hence the silence on this blog. Oh, I suppose there’s been food.  There’s always food.  Good food.  which explains the squishiness I’m pretending does not exist around my midsection.  But but’s another post for […]


On Being Rooted: Confessions of an Approval Addict {plus Free Printable}

A funny thing happens when you feel called to pour out your heart and soul, raw and unfiltered, on paper and offer it up as a broken prayer to an equally fragile world. You feel brave and courageous. On a mission and absolutely determined to hit the target, no matter the cost. The euphoria that […]


The Best Way to Spend a Dollar Bill

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you… simple snapshots of the best darn summer entertainment a dollar bill can buy: Hip hip hooray for $1 bubble wands and a windy afternoon. First Name: Email Address:


Faraway Friends & June Desktop Wallpaper

Ever totally fall in love with someone’s heart, develop the sweetest friendship over time…and never actually meet face-to-face? I love those unique heart connections that are made in unlikely ways, triggered by an encouraging email or a business-related phone call from across the miles.  It’s those sweet moments that weave two hearts together without groundwork […]


Keep Moving {Printable}

Ever feel out of balance?  Like a half-baked, multi-tasking failure? Hmm.  Me to.  While donning my wife hat, I strap on my momma bonnet and nestle on top of that my professional sombrero…then I attempt to keep my balance atop of this colorful unicycle of life, while juggling school and friends and church and laundry […]


Mother’s Day Printables {Set of 4}

Hello friends!  I’ve been laying low as I work out the final kinks in my manuscript and prepare for the release of my first book next month.  I fluctuate between being giddy with excitement…and being absolutely petrified.  It’s a wild dream come true as this book has been brewing for years, but with it finally […]


Puddle Jumpers

Our kids love water. They have always loved water. Especially when it resides in LARGE quantities in places OTHER than bathtubs and swimming pools. and when it involves shedding all clothes and decency and making as much mess as possible without having to clean an ounce of it back up. If it get gross and […]


Free Easter Printable

Spring has played a most awful trick on us, as we came out to frosty windows and snow-covered grass this morning.  But…the show must go on, so we shall be freezing our heinies off at the Detroit Tigers game tonight – our first one ever as a family – and will be hoping with everything […]


Introducing Simply Bloom Swag

I’ve been a busy girl, you guys! …designing…metal stamping…mod podging labels…threading beads and adhering baubles…sniffing scents…singing thrifted satin…packaging cards…and filling happy yellow mugs with chocolates and tea bags. If you follow me on Facebook or instagram, you know I’ve been creating loads of goodies to sell at a merchandise table when I speak.  Swag, shall […]


April Desktop Wallpaper

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome” ~ Anne Bradstreet Simply click on the calendar size you need below, save the image, then set as your desktop wallpaper: For large {1680 x 1050 pixels}, click here […]

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